Master John Lynn 8th Dan Kids Karate Instructor

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Rhos-on-Sea karate

Master John Lynn 8th Dan

For the last 35 years John Lynn has grown and run the largest Shukokai Karate Association in Wales (KSKA, John Lynn's Black Belt Academies are part of the KSKA), the 3rd largest Shukokai Karate Association in the UK.

John Lynn was one of the founding members of the only officially recognized National Governing Body for Karate in Wales, the W.K.G.B. and served as a member of the technical committee of that prestigious body for several years until the success of his Karate & Martial Arts Schools demanded more of his time.


  • Lloyds Bank & Denbighshire Borough Council Top Award 1993 for Most Outstanding Contribution to Local Sports - Presented jointly by Lloyds Bank & Denbighshire Borough Sports Council, nominations were accepted throughout the year. This was the first time a Martial Arts instructor won the award and has not been won by any other martial artist instructor since.
  • National Coach of the Year 1994 - This award is presented once a year by the British Sports Council. Nominations for this award are accepted from all over the UK for all sports instructors (not just Martial Arts), and the person with the most nominations wins the award in this category
  • National Instructor of the Year 1994
  • National Martial Artist of the Year 1994 - This award is presented by a leading Martial Arts magazine (Martial Arts Plus). It was one of the categories voted on by the readers of the magazine. John Lynn traveled to London to have the award presented to him by the Japanese Ambassador to the UK
  • British National Instructor of the Year 1995
  • Former National & International Competitor and Champion Kata & Kumite: 1970's - 80's
  • Northern Area Shukokai Karate Championships - numberous 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places Kata & Kumite between 1974 - 1982
  • Midland Open Area Championships - 1st in Kata, 2nd in Kumite, 1st Team Kumite
  • Rotheram Open Area Championships - 2nd in Kata, 1st in Kumite, 1st Team Kumite
  • Manchester Open Area Championships - numerous 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places Kata & Kumite & team events between 1974-1982
  • Midland Area Shukokai Karate Championships - numerous 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places Kata & Kumite between 1974-1982
  • Southern Area Open Championships - numerous 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places Kata & Kumite between 1974-1982
  • Nominated to the World Martial Arts Hall of Fame 1999 for outstanding contribution to Martial Arts from "Black Belt Magazine" USA in recognition of Keyoshi Lynn's "Merit Badge System" and it's benefit to the Martial Arts industry
  • EFC Advisory Board of Directors UK 1999-Present Day
  • EFC Top Team Standings Award-1999
  • Awarded the Chuck Norris special limited edition commemorative Black Belt 1999 for dedication & commitment to Martial Arts awarded by Chuck Norris to outstanding martial artists who have contributed to the growth and furtherance of the Martial Arts, awarded at a special ceremony in the USA to only a small number of outstanding instructors
  • Award for Most Contributions to the Martial Arts in the UK-2002
  • International Award for Outstanding Service & Support in Networking USA-2003
  • Master Instructor of the year-2005
  • Gold Coast Florida Martial Arts Hall of Fame-2005
  • Internationally Recognized For Excellence as Multiple School owner-2005
  • Internationally Recognized Award winning school-2006
  • Martial Arts Spirit Award for Loyalty-2006/2007
  • International Martial Arts Spirit Award for-2008
  • EFC Vice President's Award-2009
  • Award of Honour for dedication & countless contributions to Martial Arts-2010
  • Exemplary International Mentor Award 2011

Featured int he Following Martial Arts Magazines Numerous Times:

  • Fighters Magazine
  • Traditional Karate
  • Karate - Norway Europe in 1989
  • Black Belt Magazine - USA
  • Taekwondo and Korean Combat Arts
  • Fighting Arts
  • Martial Arts Illustrated
  • Martial Arts Plus
  • EFC Eagle Express
  • EFC All Stars Magazome

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